Shadow Production is an independent TV production house founded in 2004. with a vision of becoming one of the most significant productions in the region, who's successes are based solely on extreme quality and original ideas.

We are unique in that way because all our programs are completely conceptualized and created by us, with no licensed formats. Being unique, constantly growing from one project to another are the goals of our successful team, made up from a small but selected group of great creatives in the fields of editing, writing, cinematography, directing and production.
We are going strongly forward led by very clear goals, which are to continue producing content our audience truly love, giving us the support with their viewership to be always better, more original, successful and powerful.

These are the projects that we are really proud of.



Shadow production is proud to present the noble format “House of Heart” the viewership of which increases year by year to prove that our audience recognizes true values. The reality character series brings us compelling stories of people who found themselves on the verge of existence. They don’t have the home they deserve. The inadequate conditions that threaten to endanger the life and health of the family mostly affect children. Ruined ceilings and walls full of moisture testify that these families have escaped death by a hairbreadth. They are often victims of floods, fire or are threatened with eviction. Their fates are uncertain. Upsetting confessions will leave viewers breathless. The task of the team is to build a safe and warm home in 31 days that will provide normal living conditions for the family. Also, the goal of the series is to solve family and health issues, many difficult interpersonal relationships, and estrangements among those closest ones … because a new home without a happy family would be a failure.



The noble “A Moment from a Dream” format brings us powerful stories about people whose distressing confessions leave people breathless. Fate did not spare them, which has reflected on their health and physical appearance. Participating in the “A Moment from a Dream” show gives them a unique opportunity to change their lives. Top experts in the field of surgery, dentistry, cosmetology, etc. will help them fulfill their wishes by improving their appearance and health. By restoring their confidence and will to live, we make their dreams become a reality. The reality show format follows the two-week journey of each participant undergoing transformation. During this period, participants have no form of communication with their loved ones to keep the transformation process running smoothly. After two weeks, their loved ones will be able to see their premiere appearance and the well-being it brings.
The host of the series is famous actress Tijana Ćurović, who will encourage the candidates on their way to the finish line. With the help of big-hearted people, she will prepare special surprises that will, in addition to physical appearance, improve people’s quality of life so that no participants will be left indifferent.



A competitive character show in which each of the ten episodes of the first season follows the competition of two families in the renovation of their living rooms. The competition runs in parallel in two teams and each team gets the help of two professional constructors. The works will last for three days, and which team is more successful will be decided by the architect. The winner gets a brand new room while the defeated has everything restored to the initial state! This format was created in the creative process back in 2008, but the realization was not before 2016/2017, when there was a suitable ground for such an intriguing topic. Serbs are a competitive nation, they like to have bigger or better than their neighbors, and this show will display that competitive spirit.
The series is hosted by two actresses: JovanaPetronijević and Marta Milosavljević.
For the first time, charismatic presenters have found themselves in the role of constructors, and we will see in the exciting episodes will this affect the success of the contestants!




A sports series modeled on the knightly tradition, just like the famous and favorite “Games without Borders.” The synergy of thought and the Serbian gene have played a key role when it comes to winning the Mud Knights series.
Viewers had the opportunity to enjoy sports competition, humorous comments and funny situations that accompanied participants during 20 grueling games.
The show aired at prime time on TV Pink for 120 episodes, as well as in the VIP specials Grand Stars
who participated in the series.

The competing training ground at the Zelena senka location is represented by a map and geographical coordinates of meridians, which exactly here meet in a unique combination of four elements: water, air,
earth, and fire. The winner is a competitor who discovers the fifth element, and as a reward, he gets an apartment in Belgrade!

Fantastic hosts were Žarko Lazić, Bojana Lazić and Marinko Madžgalj.




A humorous, fast and entertaining show where the contestants, including the most famous ones, that is, the VIP crew, change roles for a day through three tasks … The role change is undoubtedly a very interesting and attractive form to watch where for a moment, each of the participants can be someone else and even be very successful in this.
A format that has garnered exceptional viewership on TV Pink. At the end of the day, judge Žarko Lazić, the author and host of the series, proclaims the winner, who, in addition to satisfaction for managing better “in someone else’s skin,” also gets valuable general sponsor award!